Burlap Wedding Invites – DIY

Ever wanted to make your very own burlap wedding invitations? Now’s your chance! In this short and simple tutorial, we will show you how to make a wedding invitation for a burlap wedding or rustic wedding event!

Crafts Needs: Burlap, Card Stock, Pencil, Markers, Scissors, Hole Punchers, Spray Adhesive and Paper Towels.


Burlap Toy Block Tutorial

Simple and very doable! Great to make for children as well as for rustic home decor. Enjoy!

You will need half of a Graham cracker box. You will also need burlap, scissors and sharpies to decorate. Get you box ready and lets go!

Burlap Rose Tutorial

Ever wanted to learn how to make burlap roses? It is so easy and simple to do, you will have a dozen to use as decorations in your home in no time!

What you will need:
1.5 yards of 3 inch burlap strips – http://burlapfabric.com
Hot Glue
Stick to use for stem